About Us : Overview

Pedagogy is a place for all those who love working with children and would like to enhance their communicative and clinical skills in pediatric and preventive dentistry. All the lessons in pedagogy designed have presentations, discussions, demonstrations. Its a master class with 4 to 5 attendees. Lessons like dental talk and ericksonian hypnosis have great clinical importance in communicating and reducing child anxiety in the dental office. Lesson on nitrous oxide would clear lot of air about sedation. The enigma of dental carries could be solved in the lessons of preventive dentist. Crowns are made easy in the lessons on stainless steel crowns. Diagnosing the pulpal conditions in children and their different treatment modalities would definitely enhance your clinical confidence working with primary teeth. Lessons on cocktail would join the bridge between theoretical and practical pediatric dental sciences. We, here at pedagogy believe that learning should be fun.