Lessons : Hypnosis Hypnotised Hypnotism - Ericksonian Hypnosis in Pediatric Dentistry

Ericksonian hypnosis, often referred to as conversational hypnosis can be used with children effectively in a dental office. Milton Erickson is considered as the father of modern hypnotherapy. Hypnosis in children can be defined as an alternative state of awareness and alertness. He stated there is a need to work primarily with and not on the children. The conscious mind (critical sensor) of children is not mature, and therefore, their unconscious mind is more accessible than in adolescents or adults, making them excellent hypnotic subjects.

The lessons would include the choice of hypnotic words and phrases in speaking and working with children, hypnotic language patterns and patterns of indirect suggestion. A child who gets into hypnosis may experience reduced tension even reduced tension related pain. When you take this lesson you would improve on your skills of effective clear communication and managing dental anxiety in children.

*Academic Credits are not awarded.