About Us : Dental Clinical Research

Pedagogy Dental Clinical Research Centre (PDCRC) is located in Chembur, Mumbai. The centre occupies a total area of 200 square feet and maintains one fully equipped dental operatory (The Tooth Fairy). The centre is staffed by one part-time study coordinator and a full time clinical pediatric dentist and Director, Dr. Anup Panda, who is currently a full time professor in the department of Pediatric Dentistry at Padm. D.Y. Patil University. The centre coordinates and conducts clinical studies in pediatric dentistry and aims to provide research of the highest quality. This facility is open to all pediatric dental investigators. The requirement for professional participation in our Research Centre is post graduation in pediatric dentistry.

The Centre aims to provide a sophisticated environment for research and scientific work, bridging the gap between basic sciences, clinical research and patient care. “The Tooth Fairy” is a major component of the Centre. It provides space for researchers not only to work, but also to collaborate on independently funded projects. The research results achieved at the Centre contribute to the improvement of dental practice and to the advancement of society. The Centre also focuses on educational activities, holds courses for the students and lectures and seminars for the general dental practitioners. To get started in research, one first needs to explore research topics and project ideas. It is important to find research that not only has practical value, but also is fascinating and novel in its concept.